What about the bugs?

Just north of Tulum is a little town called Chemuyil.  Its smaller neighbor, Chan Chemuyil is our current home.  It’s a little enclave of concrete houses on cute streets called Belize, Jamaica, Cayman and Cuba.  Most of the residents are Canadian snow birds, with a few Americans.   Its cute to see vehicles with license plates from BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.  Also one from the Yukon… now that’s a road trip!

In Chan Chemuyil, the houses sold for about $40,000 US a little over 8 years ago.  One on the next block is currently listed for $170,000.  Let me know if you want the phone number.

We’re renting one of these houses from a Calgarian who’s daughter we met and befriended through a chance meeting thanks to  Kijiji.

Its very quiet and comfortable here.  Jody and I both appreciate using the air conditioning when the place gets stuffy and the humidity pushes 90% or more.  Each evening a guy from Chemuyil drives by on a scooter, beeping his horn and yelling “pizza”.  Twice a week, 30 pesos will get a 20 litre bottle of drinking water delivered to our front door.

However, the Internet is a bit spotty and actually went down for several days.   I started this post a week ago and only got back to it today.  Part of life here I guess.  Sometimes things are not always there when you want or need them.

The beach (playa) and a cenote are a short 15 minute walk away.  We opted to drive to the beach recently and spent several hours enjoying the warm and clear water of the Caribbean and the white powder sand beach this part of Mexico is famous for.

Recently we also drove to Cobá.  Its a small town further inland that is home to amazing Mayan ruins.  There are more ruins in Tulum we hope to check out this weekend.

Immersion Spanish lessons started this week at the Meztli Spanish School in Tulum.  Jody has graciously decided to let me become the official translator in this adventure, so I’m going to the lessons on my own.  Each I’m in a group setting were I get an hour and a half of grammar and vocabulary followed by an hour and a half of conversación.

Oh, and here’s a few of the local bugs……..


2 thoughts on “What about the bugs?”

  1. Hi and Thank you for the update, I think you are having a great time, very interesting and it sounds like a lot of Canadians are there that is not surprising as it is too cold here, but was nice so far most of the last week 0C, today.   Many different things there and new sites. and experiences,  and for a few months a year- maybe it would be a great get away from the winter cold,   Thanks Brian and Jo-anne, till next time   Bye for now   Zen  


  2. “Jo-anna, play the piana,” Tot used to say when we were youngsters.

    You’re a lovely and competent writer. I never knew it before and I’m delighted. We had a decent education in NL in the 60s, and some of us learned something about the art of the printed word. We must talk about this: there’s a huge part of human culture here. … Did you know that we are blood relatives of William Butler Yeats, but since we came to NL in1612, we’d have to go back 400 years to find common gonads. But I do like the story and very occasionally have the daring to tell it.



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